A community of like-minded people, who read, write and enquire


Wild  |  wʌɪld  adjective:

living or growing in the natural environment

Our purpose is to remind individuals from all paths of their true wild nature and reinforce connection with it by means of literary arts: book club events, writing groups, educational masterclasses


Words of appreciation

'In bringing together people for an evening of discussion and reflection, I think Anna is providing a much needed format for us to connect, interact and develop, something so important for us as the social creatures that we are, all with a strong need to belong and identify as individuals in group settings.’

Chloe, London W11

‘Chatting philosophically with like-minded people on a deeper level was just what I needed. It gave me the push to try new things and motivated me to be more adventurous in my thinking and in my creativity. I can't wait for the next one!’

Alice, London W4

'I got so much energy from the experience that I would recommend it to anyone who feels they need to find new avenues to release and explore their thoughts, fears, challenges and dreams.’

Kal, London W3


Words of wisdom

‘A wild nature carries the bundles for healing; She carries the medicine for all things. She carries stories and dreams and words and songs and signs and symbols. She is both vehicle and destination.’

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés